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Read - A Date with an Escort in London: Revealed

A Date with an Escort in London: Revealed

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You may have heard about people booking time with escorts in London before. Although you have heard the stories, you still don’t know what to expect. At Barking escorts agency, we want to give you a better understanding of what to expect. We have decided to reveal one client’s date and all that the man experienced.

Choosing the Brunette

Our client was very specific from the beginning. He knew that he wanted a date with a beautiful, brown-haired escort. He went through the gallery and made a list of three women who were busty and outgoing. Once he called and spoke to one of our operators, we let him know who was available. He then chose a girl based upon both beauty and personality.

He had a few special requests for her, including that she wore a cocktail gown when she arrived as well as to bring several costumes for role-playing later on. We were happy to pass these special requests on so that he could have the best possible experience.

Waiting with Anticipation

Our client had booked four days prior to him wanting to meet the London escort. This meant that he had to wait four days in order to enjoy all that she had to offer. He has since become a regular client of ours. He said that the anticipation nearly drove him crazy. However, it also kept him going. Being on business, he needed some kind of distraction from the office.

Fun Until the Wee Hours

When the escort arrived at our client’s hotel, she was right on time. He loved the fact that she had her own private transportation, making it easy for him to obtain the companionship. He invited her in for a cocktail prior to going out on the town.

He had worked with one of our phone staff members in order to plan the perfect evening. This included going out to dinner and then taking a private helicopter tour over London. This was something that the escort had never done before and she clung to his side the entire time. He admitted that he must’ve had the goofiest grin on his face because of how close she was. He also made sure to let us know how heavenly she smelled.

After enjoying a gourmet dinner and an incredible view of the city, they went back to his hotel room. This is when he invited the escort to change into one of the role-playing costumes that she brought. They proceeded to spend the next several hours role-playing so that some of his fantasies came to life. He was smart enough to book for a total of four hours, ensuring that he didn’t run out of time to carry out all of his plans.

Our client had a vision and our phone staff helped to carry it out to ensure that there would be no issues. Both he and our escort had an amazing time – and they have since been out together several more times.